May General Membership Meeting

IN PERSON: May General Membership Meeting will be in person this month. Location: Orange County Sheriff’s Office, 2500 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando. Please enter at the doors facing W. Colonial Drive (same side as Memorial with flag poles out front). Member’s Only #WeAreGOALcfl

30 Day Food Challenge benefit for Zebra Coalition Youth

Attention: Time for 30 Day Food Challenge to HELP OUR YOUTH of Zebra Coalition – The youth of Zebra are in need of snacks for their drop-in center. Over the next 30 days GOALcfl will be receiving donations to assist Zebra to ensure every youth is fed. Please consider signing up to donate a food item, or make a monetary donation to assist GOALcfl with making a food purchase. Every little bit helps! You can sign up with this link: Presenting donation on Tuesday, June 1st – Sign Up Today!

April General Membership Meeting

We are back!! After a year we are back to face to face meetings. April meeting will be held at Edgewood Town Hall on April 21st at 6:30pm. ZOOM link has also been provided to members via email.

Guest Speaker: Officer Nawfal Filali Fikri, “The Distinction between Islamic Culture and Religion”