GOALcfl June 2022 Member Spotlight!

The Board of Directors will be looking for GOALcfl members caught in the spotlight helping serve the community and our GOALcfl organization!

Each quarter, members will be announced in the membership spotlight announcement! GOALcfl would like to announce Danielle Torres, better known as Dani, as our June 2022 GOALcfl spotlight!

Dani is a current police officer for the City of Orlando.  She is a dedicated member to our organization and can always be found out and about helping in the community. 

Dani joined GOALcfl to be a positive reflection of the Orlando Police Department and the LGBTQ+ community.  GOALcfl is important to her in order to promote positive interactions between law enforcement and the community she serves.  Her ultimate objective as a police officer and GOALcfl member is to foster better relationships in the community. She hopes this helps to bridge gaps between all law enforcement and community members. 

Dani is not only devoted to her career and GOALcfl!  She is also a devoted and loving mother who can always be found spending time with her two amazing sons!

Dani, thank you for all you do for your agency, GOALcfl, and the community you serve.  For all of these reasons and many more, we recognize you in our June 2022 Membership Spotlight! 

Who will be our September Spotlight of the month?  Send your pictures and stores representing GOALcfl in the community to PRmanager@goalcf.org.  It could put you in the spotlight!