GOALcfl March 2022 Member Spotlight!

The Board of Directors will be looking for GOALcfl members caught in the spotlight helping serve the community and our GOALcfl organization!

Each quarter, members will be announced in the membership spotlight announcement! GOALcfl would like to announce Lisa and Lauren, as our March 2022 GOALcfl spotlights!

Lisa and Lauren joined GOALcfl because they saw an opportunity to be part of an organization that wanted to help members of the LGBTQ+ community. They also thought that it would be a great way to branch out and meet other individuals who are part of our community and the allies who love and support our community. For Lisa, it was important to see how there are a lot of different people in her LEO world that are involved in the LGBTQ+ community and how she can help the community through her career. For sappy ole Lauren who loves love, she saw a way to hopefully help even just 1 person or 1 community as well as support & be surrounded by those who support Law Enforcement and have an equal appreciation for those who keep us safe.

Lisa and Lauren believe GOALcfl is an important organization because it helps to show our future generations that no matter your background, who you love or what lifestyle you chose – you will be supported, and you will be loved! The diversity and support within the organization and its partnerships are things that they feel are important for their kids to grow up and see. We have found a family in GOALcfl!

For all of these reasons we recognize Lisa and Lauren (and their two beautiful children) for our March Membership Spotlight! Who will be our June Spotlight of the month? Send your pictures and stories representing GOALcfl in the community to PRmanager@goalcfl.org. It could put you in the spotlight!