GOALcfl September 2022 Member Spotlight!

It’s never too early for Christmas!!!

The Board of Directors are always looking for GOALcfl members caught in the spotlight helping serve the community and our GOALcfl organization!

Each quarter, members will be announced in the membership spotlight announcement!  GOALcfl would like to announce Evalyn and Audrey Casper as our September 2022 GOALcfl spotlights. 

Evalyn and Audrey met through working together at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center in 2015.  It was an instant connection!  They got married in 2020 in Atlanta in their friend’s backyard due to COVID; however, had a formal wedding in December 2021. 

Evalyn joined GOALcfl in 2020 and Audrey joined in 2022.  GOALcfl is very important to them because it gives them the chance to show representation in the LGBTQ+ community while serving in law enforcement.  They enjoy the opportunities to interact with the LGBTQ+ community at various events and network with members representing various agencies in the Central Florida area.

You will always find them attending our monthly GOALcfl meetings and representing our organization at community events. 

Evalyn and Audrey, thank you for all you do for your agency, GOALcfl and the community you serve.  For all of these reasons and many more, we recognize you in our September 2022 Membership Spotlight!

Who will be our December Spotlight?  Send your pictures and stores representing GOALcfl in the community to Prmanager@goalcfl.org.  It could put you in the spotlight.