May Membership Meeting/GSA Initiative Training

Our General Membership Meeting will take place on May 21st 6:30pm. The meeting will be on ZOOM.  This month we will be conducting the training with Zebra Coalition/Robin Daly.  They will be training on LGBTQ Youth Support Best Practices and is a MUST training if you are interested in being part of our GSA initiative in the fall when school starts again.  If you are not interested in the GSA Initiative it’s great training and pointers on talking and interacting with today’s LGBTQ Youth. If you are a member in good standing you will receive the Zoom link via your email.

March Social Cancelled/April Membership Meeting

March Social at Axe On/Axe Off was cancelled due to low number of guaranteed RSVPs. Our next Membership Meeting will be April 15th (Wednesday) at Edgewood City Hall. Training will be provided by Zebra Coalition. This training will be mandatory for anyone who wishes to participate in our partnership with OCPS (Orange County Public Schools). The initiative will be with the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) in both Middle and High School.

Next Meeting: April 15th 2020, Edgewood City Hall, 6:30pm to 8:30pm


ALL: Come out with Pride (COWP) parade update

We will be lining up in the area along the westbound lanes of Robinson Ave just west of the Rosalind intersection until Palmetto and then one westbound lane between Palmetto and Magnolia. I have attached a picture of the new Orlando Police #OrlandoUnited vehicle – look for that as your landmark. The car will be there between 2-2:30pm and the walkers (you) are expected at 3:15pm. We are in Block 0 (the front of parade) so don’t be late or you will miss us. If LEO please wear uniform if possible. Otherwise please wear the GOALcfl shirt (grey or new black one) or any rainbow brightly colored shirt. Happy Pride everyone and see you at the parade!