GOALcfl offers two types of membership:

A PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP is open to any person who is presently or has ever been a full-time law enforcement officer or a full-time paid employee of any agency of the criminal justice system.  Full benefits of Professional Membership will be extended after verification. Membership fee is $30.00/yearly

An ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to anyone (non law enforcement or criminal justice professional) who supports the organization and its mission. Membership fee is $15.00/yearly

Membership Benefits include:
  • Open attendance to all meetings and events
  • Discounted admission to events
  • Email updates, E-Newsletters and mailings
  • Voting privileges in executive board elections *Open to verified Professional Members only*

GOALcfl prides itself on the principles of justice, equity, and equality. All membership application requests will be reviewed and verified discreetly by our membership committee.